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Installation Manuals

Bag Collectors

Cabinet Series 50 to 80

Cyclone Models 12 to 44

Dalamatic Cased DLMC

Dalamatic Insertable DLMV

Downdraft Bench DB-800

FSD, FTD, VSD, FSDC, VSDC, FTP, RSD, RTD, and RTP Pulse Jet Filters

IRD Filters Models 260 to 560

LP Bolted Reverse Air Filter Assembly Instructions

LP Reverse Air Filters

Modular Baghouse Top Access MBT and MBTH

Modular Baghouse Walk-In Access MBW, MBWH and MBWS

RF Panelized Baghouse Field Assembly Manual RFWP and RFWPH

RF Baghouse Models RFW, RFWH and RFT

IOM 4011200 RF Baghouse Model RFT RFW and RFWH

RF Baghouse Models RFWP and RFWPH

Unimaster Models 40 to 750

Cartridge Collectors

TD Collector TD-162 and TD-573

Downdraft Bench DB-2000 and DB-3000

Bin Vent TBV-2, TBV-4 and TBV-6

Downflo II DFT 2-4 and DFT 3-6 After July 2003

Downflo II DFT 2-8 to 4-128 After July 2003

Downflo Oval DFO 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3

Downflo Oval DFO 2-8 to 4-128

Downflo Oval DFO 2-4 and 3-6

Downflo Workstation DWS 4-1 to 4-4 and 6-1 to 6-4

Extraction Arm Ex-Arm 4, 6 and 8-in Bench and Overhead Mount

Porta-Trunk PT-1000

Ambient Collection System AT-3000

Remote Weld Bench

Trunk 2000 Fume T-2000

Vibra-Shake VS-550 to VS-3000

Collector Accessories

Delta P Control

Delta P Plus Control

Mist Collectors

Centrifugal Models E-100 to EA-905

Dryflo DMC-MMA and DMC-MMB

Modular MediaFilter Vertical Series MDV-1, MDV-2 and MDV-3

WSO Mist Collector WSO 20 and WSO 25-1 to 25-3

WSO Machine Mountable WSO 10, 15 and 20

Torit PowerCore Collectors

Torit PowerCore CPC-3 to CPC-48 Hopper Inlet After November 2008

Torit PowerCore CPV-1 to CPV-12 After November 2008

Torit PowerCore TG 2 to TG-12

Torit PowerCore VH 1-4 to VH 3-24