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PowerCore Dust Collectors

​Torit® PowerCore® dust collection technology from Donaldson® Torit® outperforms traditional baghouse collectors and does so in less space. In one extremely small and powerful package, the Torit PowerCore dust collector handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate and fits into the smallest places. The filter changeout is remarkably quick, easy and clean compared to the process for traditional bag filters.
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Torit PowerCore CP Series Dust CollectorsThe Torit PowerCore CP Series dust collector from Donaldson® Torit ®is an extremely small but powerful package that handles high airflow, high grain loading, challenging particulate, and fits into the smallest places. The Torit PowerCore dust collector comes in two models: the CPC (stand alone dust collector) is up to 50% smaller than the traditional baghouse and can be ducted to many different applications. The CPV (bin vent) is up 70% smaller than the traditional bag bin vent and can be used on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers. Learn More
Torit PowerCore TG Series Dust CollectorsThe Torit PowerCore TG Series dust collector is designed for thermally generated dust and is reshaping the future of dust and fume collection technology. Torit PowerCore TG is in a category by itself with a footprint up to 65% smaller than most cartridge collectors and smarter technology housed in the widest range of completely packaged and assembled units available up to 10,000 cfm. Torit PowerCore TG is the new way to get cleaner air in welding, laser and plasma cutting, and thermal spray applications. Learn More
Torit PowerCore VH Series Dust CollectorsThe Torit PowerCore VH Series dust collector brings the performance and simplicity of PowerCore technology to the mining and metalworking markets. Available for indoor and outdoor applications from 5,000 to 50,000 cfm, the VH series is specially designed to meet the requirements of heavy and abrasive dust loads found in grinding, blasting, crushing, screening, mixing, blending and other material handling. The PowerCore VH Series dust collector is an investment that keeps paying off the longer you use it. Learn More