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Other Applications

Donaldson provides dust collectors for virtually every type of dry dust collection application and has the experience you can rely on.  If your process generates a dust or particulate, we have most likely provided a similar dust collector solution among our thousands of successful applications.
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Other Applications

Donaldson can use our extensive product, technology, and application knowledge base to create a solution for your dust collector needs. A few examples of our broad expertise include collectors in the following industries and applications:
  • Rubber mixing and processing
  • Powder coating
  • Battery manufacturing and recycling
  • Printer and toner cartridge
  • Catalytic converter crushing
  • Municipal waste recycling
  • Asphalt
  • Composite sanding/grinding for aerospace
  • Paper trim
  • Solar power cell mfg
  • Coal/energy plant transfer points
  • Smoke from a shooting range
  • Ambient dust at computer mfg plant
  • Graphite machining for EDM/mold
  • Weigh/mix station for soil samples
  • Jewelry buffing
  • Galvanizing
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Model: DFT 4-192

Application: Lead Smelting

Location: Minnesota

CFM = 72,500

Model: MDV-14

Application: Bag Dumping

Location: Texas

CFM = 20,000

Model: DWS 4-1

Application: Powder Coating: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) with trace powder

Location: California

CFM = 4500

Model: DFT 2-4

Application: Silica Material Handling

Location: Rhode Island

CFM = 2500

Model: DFO 3-36

Application: Material Handling - Powder Painting Steel Plate/Paint Dust

Location: Mississippi

CFM = 13,000

Model: DFO 2-8

Application: Pneumatic Conveying in Plastic Industry

Location: Mexico

CFM = 4500

Model: DLMV 60/15 with donaldson Tetratex PTFE Filtration Media

Application: Coal Power Plant Material Handling

Location: Mississippi

CFM = 5000

Model: DFT 4-208

Application: Lead Powder collection in battery manufacturing

Location: California

CFM = 112,500

Model: DLMC 2/6/15

Application: Rubber Mixing filtering Carbon Black

Location: Mississippi

CFM = 10,000

Model: DFO 4-16

Application: Powder Paint Coating

Location: Canada

CFM = 7600

Model: DLMC 8/4/15

Application: Rubber Mixing filtering Carbon Black

Location: Tennessee

CFM = 30,000

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Related Products
Donaldson’s experience provides tailored guidance for the following:
Activated Carbon EDM Fume/Oil Plastic Cutting Fines
Alfalfa Epoxy Powders Polyester
Alumina Feed (Animal) Polyethylene
Alumina Hydrate Feldspar Polymers
Aluminum Fluoride Fertilizer Polypropylene
Aluminum Hydrate Fiberboard Polystyrene
Aluminum Oxide Fish Food Polyurethane Foam
Aluminum Powder Flour Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Aluminum Silicate Fluorspar Potassium Sulfate
Ammonium Chloride Fly Ash Potato Flour
Ammonium Fluoride Food NOC (Herbs, Spices, Citrus Pellets, etc.) Protein Product
Ammonium Perchlorate Fume (NOC) Quartz
Ammonium Phosphate Fungicide Resin
Ammonium Sulfate Gelatin Rice Hulls
Antibiotics Gelucil (Laxative Powder) Rock & Ore (Mining, Crushing)
Aspirin Glass (Batch Mix) Rosin
Atrazine Glass (Beads, Solid) Rouge
Baking Powder Glass (Frit) Rubber
Barite Glass (Cullet) Rutile Ore
Barium Glass (Microspheres, Hollow) Rye
Barium Oxide Glass (Ground Powder) Salicylic Acid
Barium Stearate Glue (Dry Powder) Salt (Mineral)
Barium Sulfate Gluten Salt Cake (Dry)
Barley Grain (NOC) Sand (Foundry, Dry)
Bauxite Granite Sand (Foundry, Green)
Beet Pulp Graphite Sand (Foundry, NOC)
Bentonite Clay Gums Sand (Non-Foundry)
Beryllium Gypsum Sawdust (Sanding)
Bleach (Dry) Herbicide Selenium
Bone Char Ink Dyes Shale
Bone Meal Insecticide Slag (Crushing/Screening)
Borax Iron Chromate Slate
Boric Acid Iron Filings Soap (Powdered)
Bran Iron Ore Soapstone
Brass, NOC Iron Oxide (Black) Soda Ash
Bread (Crumbs) Iron Oxide (Red/Rust) Sodium Carbonate
Bronze Iron Powder Sodium Phosphate
Cake Mix Iron Sulfate Soy Protein
Calcite Kaolin Clay Soybean
Calcium Carbonate Lactose Soybean Flour
Calcium Chloride Lead Compounds Spices
Carbide Lead Oxide Stainless Steel (Process not Classified)
Carbon Lead Powder Starch
Carbon Black (Finished) Leather Starch (Surgical, Monosized)
Carbon Black (Fused/Molded) Lime Stearates
Carbon Black (NOC) Lime (Hydrated) Stearic Acid
Carbon Black (Pelletized) Limestone Steel (Process Not Classified)
Carbon Steel (Process not Classified) Macaroni (Dry) Steel Shot, Shot Blast, Abrasives (NOC)
Carboxylmethylcellulose sodium Magnetite Sugar
Cardboard Magnesium Carbonate Sugar & Cocoa Mix
Cattle Feed Magnesium Oxide Sugar & Flour Mix
Cellulose Acetate Magnesium Silicate Sulfur
Cellulose Short Fiber Magnesium Stearate Superphosphate
Cement Magnetite Talc
Ceramic Malt (Dry) Talcum Powder
Cereal Manganese Dioxide Tea (Powdered)
Chaff, Grain Manganese Ore Tin Powder
Chloride Compounds (NaCl, CaCl, BaCl) Marble Grit Titanium Dioxide
Chocolate Marble Powder Tobacco
Chrome Meal (NOC) Toner
Chromium Meal (Soybean) Tungsten
Citric Acid Melamine Ultramarine Blue
Clay (+ Brick / Marble) Metal Powdered Uranium Dioxide
Coal (Brown / Western) Metallic Fume Uranium Oxide (Yellow Cake)
Coal (Lignite / Anthracite) Metals (NOC) Urea-Formaldehyde Resin
Cocoa Mica Vermiculite
Coffee (Dry) Milk Powder Vitamin Additive
Coke (From Coal) Mold Inhibitor Volcanic Ash
Coke (From Petroleum) Nickel Wax (Dry)
Composites Nickel Carbonate Weld Fume (Ambient, Laser)
Concrete Nuclear Grade Materials (NOC) Weld Fume (Ambient, NOC)
Copper Machining (No Oils) Nylon Powder Weld Fume (Ambient, Plasma)
Copper Oxide Oats Weld Fume (Source, Laser)
Corn Oyster Shell Weld Fume (Source, NOC)
Corn Meal Paint Pigments Weld Fume (Source, Plasma)
Corn Starch Paper (Trim) Wheat
Corn Sugar Particle Board (Cutting) Whey Powder
Cotton Peanut Hulls Wood Dust (Green Mill)
Cryolite Peas (Dry) Wood Dust (High Speed Cutting or Sanding)
Detergent Peptone Wood Dust (Low Speed Cutting)
Dextrin Perlite Yeast
Dextrose Pharmaceutical Dust (NOC) Yttrium (Yttrium Oxide)
Diatomaceous Earth Phenolic Resin Zinc Chromate
Disposable Diaper Fluff Phosphates Zinc Oxide
Dolomite Phosphor Zirconium Compounds
Dyes (NOC) Phosphorescent Powder
Earth, Fullers Plaster
Abrasive Blasting (Black Beauty - Automatic) Furnaces (Arc) Metallizing (Powder Flame)
Abrasive Blasting (NOC - Automatic) Furnaces (Induction) Metallizing (Wire Flame)
Abrasive Blasting (NOC - Manual) Furnaces (Reverb) Mining
Ambient Air Filtration Furnaces (Coupla) Mixing or Mixers (Banbury)
Arc Washing (Gouging) Galvanizing Mixing or Mixers (NOC)
Bag Dumping Grinding (Aluminum) Pharmaceutical (Dry Mixing/Blending)
Barrel Filling Grinding (Brake Shoe) Pharmaceutical (NOC)
Battery Manufacture Grinding (Cast Iron) Pharmaceutical (Pill Coating)
Bin Venting (Mechanical) Grinding (Composite) Pneumatic Conveying
Bin Venting (Pneumatic) Grinding (Iron) Polishing
Blenders Grinding (NOC) Powder Coating (Black)
Brazing (Dry) Grinding (Rubber Rollers) Powder Coating (NOC)
Buffing (Automatic, Dry) Grinding (Tire Retread) Powder Coating (Teflon)
Buffing (Manual, Dry) Grinding (Steel) Rolling
Cutting (Laser, Metal) Incinerators Routing
Cutting (Laser, Non-Metal) Machining (NOC) Sanding
Cutting (NOC) Machining, Cast Iron Screening
Cutting (Oxyacetylene) Machining, Dry Smelting
Cutting (Plasma) Machining, Wet Soldering
Descaling Machining, Wet (Lathes, Turning Centers, Broaching, Hobbing) Weigh Station
Die Casting Machining, Wet (Straight Oil, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic, Water Soluble Coolant) Welding
Drossing (Cooling and Handling) Material Handling, Mechanical (NOC) Wire Drawing
Dryers Metal Grinding (Automatic) Woodworking
Forging Metal Grinding (Manual)
Foundries, Ferrous - Preheat, Melt, Pour Metallizing (Electric Arc)
Foundries, Ferrous - Mold Cool & Shakeout & Cleaning Metallizing (NOC)
Foundries, non-ferrous - Preheat, Melt, Pour Metallizing (Plasma Arc)
Foundries, non-ferrous - Mold Cool & Shakeout & Cleaning
Special Considerations
Many fumes and dusts are combustible and operations generating or handling fumes and dusts can require special mitigation efforts to minimize fire and explosion risks. Standards such as NFPA 654 can provide guidance for those who generate and handle these types of dusts. See the Donaldson Dust Collectors and Combustible Dust Strategies brochure.
Many fumes and dusts may also have identified adverse health impacts, and special mitigation strategies may be required to limit occupational exposure below levels OSHA or other health organizations have established for these materials.


  • US EPA
    Particulate Matter (PM):
    • PM 2.5 = 15 µg/m3 (annual), and 35 µg/m3 (24-hour)
    • PM 10 = 150 µg/m3 (24-hour)
  • OSHA Regulations
    • 29 CFR 1910.1000 - Air Contaminants
      NOTE: Twenty-five states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans and have adopted their own standards and enforcement policies. For the most part, these States adopt standards that are identical to Federal OSHA. However, some States have adopted different standards applicable to this industry or may have different enforcement policies.


Industrial Ventilation Manual
NIOSH Publication No. 76-179
WAC 296-818-500